Aircraft Handling Services




Priority Freight Handling Services

Blue City specialise in handling priority freight, be it scheduled overnight freight services with delivery deadlines or urgent ad-hoc charter flights when the logistics chain falters. Our 24/7 operation is geared up to priority loading or unloading and rapid despatch to keep those priority cargoes moving. We regularly handle aircraft ranging from Cessna 208 Caravans to the largest Antonov freighters. No matter what size of aircraft our priority is to keep your freight moving at all times. Where possible we offload directly to truck or van to get the cargo to the production line without delay.

Our central location also makes Birmingham an ideal point for despatching urgent relief supplies when natural disasters occur around the globe. Our priority is always to get those desperately needed items moving as quickly as possible.

Whatever the need, when time is of the essence Blue City at Birmingham will keep your freight moving.



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